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September 2004 Barker

I would like to extend a very heartfelt THANK YOU to Everyone that was out in the pouring rain on the show grounds on August 22 The bright side is that it could have been a lot worse; the down side is that the show had to be cancelled.




There is no way, when all of the facts were analyzed, that the show could have taken place. The grounds were truly under water and a lot of it! It rained very hard, all night long, on the eastside. Some of the RVs were already starting to sink into the sandbased field. Many of the large canopies had collapsed under the weight of the rain water down the ring gates. Thunderstorms were forecast for the area and Marymoor Park has a history of lightening strikes. And it was still pouring rain. Safety had to be our first consideration.

Once the announcement was made, our club members and the BaRay Event Services people went to work immediately to clear away the destroyed canopies, take down all of the rings, collect all of the chairs and tables, stow all of the gear, pick up the trash, assist in getting the RV's, cars and trailers off the fields with as little damage as possible, and assist our exhibitors in any way possible.

A special THANK YOU to everyone from BaRay event services. Their assistance was invaluable and well beyond anything that I expected. Del, Sharon and Sheila are the kind of people that are great to have beside you in time of need. Never thought that I would see rain dripping off of Del's nose (very funny), or Sheila as wet as the ducks that started wandering the grounds.

The crew of teens that worked with us were wonderful. Rarely have I seen any group of people so willing to help so quickly, with little regard for their own comfort. These are teens that any parent would have been proud of. Thank you Brian and Patrick and the other young ladies and gentlemen whose names I do not know. Your hard work and initiative are more than appreciated!

Bo did a very nice job of putting his first show together; unfortunately, Mother Nature once again showed that she can be very unpredictable and not always nice. It's Washington; it rains.

Thank you.

Dee Carlson

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