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September 2006 Barker

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all the club members and their spouses who worked the day of our show and in the preceding days (and months), Sue Lusa's group of teens who made life much easier by being there and lending a hand getting all the odd jobs done, Verlynn and Dave Johns for allowing SamKC to again "borrow" their beautiful RV, Jan Leikam for Chairing the show (again!) and keeping all those loose ends neatly tied up, Barb and Stan for providing a secure environment for our show, and Chris Lyden for parking all those RVs and cars. Chris probably took more abuse than all of us put together when people found out how far they were going to have to walk from day parking to their rings.

What did you think of the show? What did you like? What worked well? What needs improvement? Please gather your thoughts and be ready to critique the show at our October membership meeting. Why do we have to wait until the October meeting? Because I am going to be on vacation for both September meetings and I would like to participate in the critique. Gotta admit to being a little bit nervous when I realized that we had 3 AKC Field Representatives on the grounds Saturday and Sunday - 2 were Obedience Field Reps, one was from New York and he stayed camped by the Obedience Rings. Turned out okay.

While I am on vacation, Rusty will be chairing both the Board meeting and the membership meeting. At the September membership meeting, we will need to elect a Show Chair and Judges Selection Committee for the August 2008 show. If any one would like to join us in Hawaii (Kona and Maui), it is absolutely lovely at this time of year and a lot less crowded with all the children back in school.

Just think - our January show is a mere 4 months away and we get to do it all over, again! Anyone want to volunteer to host the Christmas party?

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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