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From the Show Chairman

September 2006 Barker


Another August has come and gone and this one was certainly a success! We had a magnificent entry due in large part to the Terrier Group shows, but also substantial increases in other areas resulting in the largest entry in the past 5 years in the Toy, Working and Hound Groups.

The weatherman cooperated completely and except for a few cases of sunburn and heat exhaustion, everyone seemed pleased with the site and the facilities we provided. The rented large canopies from Abbey are a must-have and were appreciated.

Our Marymoor people, Karl Kostal and Norah Gaynor, did everything they could to assist us this summer and assure me that the dirt area where we set up the club and superintendent tables will be green and grassy next year. That will allow us to spread out the rings or perhaps add 5-6 more.

The young people who help in all areas are now a 'seasoned crew' and we owe them a large debt since it is their uncomplaining work that really makes things run smoothly.

And of course, we couldn't have done this without our club members who give so generously of their time, brains and muscles. Thank you all for supporting this project and I hope you will support Bo next year as Show Chair.

Lastly, I personally was totally surprised at the presentation to me of the "Banner" that someone very talented put together for me. You guys are extremely sneaky and I love you all!! - even the other half of my "British Marriage". Thank you very much!



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