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Sammamish KC 33rd Summer Dog Show

September 2008 Barker


Report from the Show Chairman

Well, we had great weather for 3 ½ days! And for me, any show you don‟t have to cancel is paradise. The set-up day was cool, and overcast, perfect for racing around with measuring wheels, flags, canopies, and placing Honey Buckets, dumpsters, rings, and all of the infrastructure that allowed the show to unfold so smoothly. This year witnessed some significant changes, the most notable was the increase in entries by nearly 350, from 1650 to 2202.

This included a large increase in working dogs, due to the first Specialty Show for the Mount Rainier Working Dog Club held Saturday, the 2nd year for the All Terrier Club, Sporting dogs were buoyed by the return of the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club Specialty, bringing 143 entries, including sweeps, on Sunday.

It seemed that the Specialty Clubs were quite pleased with the rings, parking, grooming spaces, and I was particularly gratified by the condition of the grounds - green, short grass, good footing. The vendors had high visibility; the parking went pretty well, even with a dramatic increase in reservations. Marymoor Park administration was quite agreeable to our using all avail-able space for parking, including a push against the Velodrome fence.

Most importantly, the Club members made this weekend work, for which I am very admiring and grateful. I will try not to forget anyone, but I‟m far from perfect (and exhausted!). Dee Carlson wore many hats, and somehow managed to keep them all on! She measured meticulously , even being forced by the fire marshall to resubmit her plan with wider and modified fire lanes. And as well, she ensured a complicated and ultimately flawless three days of obedience and rally. We also changed our host hotel this year, demanding from her, much negotiation and skill in guaranteeing Judges‟ and Club hospitality. Jan Leikam coordinated the Specialties, again, all of which were quite pleased. This is no simple task, as all the contracts, canopies, tables, chairs, ring assignments, specialty parking, run right through her computer. And then again, there is the checkbook, which gets an aerobic workout from her over the weekend. Verlynn is now my trophy wife: thanks for taking this task on so skillfully. Patty Hull, though too busy by half, somehow managed to tackle the vendor role once again, and it seemed to work beautifully. Muriel will next be hired as my executive chef, as all workers and judges were fed, hydrated, and sated. Atta girl! David Kingery once again lent his skills to announcing, always a lot of incoming info to get out quickly. And then there is Cliff: this grounds work is always tough, challenging, frustrating, and demands many decisions: thanks to him for keeping this together. Doug opened the day with his singing, a graceful note before the hubbub.

Rusty per usual did her masterful job in coordinating (corralling?) the ring stewards, and many Club members were working overtime to keep the rings running smoothly. Thanks to all of you: Jan L., Barbara O'Neill, Nancy Warfield (the official flower girl as well!), Doug, Sandee I., Lisa McCann, Michael (getting up close and personal in the herding ring), Julia Johns (whose efforts the entire weekend were super-heroic), Verlynn, Tonya G., and I know I saw Dee racing around as well. Many non-Club members were recruited, and I know Rusty has expressed our gratitude to them.

The teardown occurred in miserable weather, which I now believe to be Ken Carlson‟s preference. And no acknowledgement of this, as well as the setup, is complete without a very warm thanks to Wayne Leikam, who really should have been home in bed! Thanks to those two, as well as so many others, who helped here: the grounds and parking lot really looked close to spot-less at the end of Sunday afternoon.

A few issues surfaced and will be worked on in the next months. We needed to tow a few cars, the AKC rep had some reservations about how the space around the rings was used, and as usual a few ungracious individuals continue to be spotted at dog shows! But all in all, a great big success, with kudos all around.

My best, Bo Gloster

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