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September 2008 Barker


Now that we are home and dry, I'd just like to thank you all for a truly great show. You had it all…beautiful grounds, sunshine (that must have been a Seattle record on Saturday) and rain that had us so wet we had to laugh at each other. This is a great show?…you bet! A good club would have muddled through. A great club ad-justed for the comfort of the exhibitors and the dogs. The Group Ring was trans-formed so seamlessly it looked like it just was always that way. A ton of wet equipment to haul out? Pretty painless with some cheerful soaked kids on carts. JUST a one day show? I finally had time to watch some old friends in other breeds at their specialties and start my Poodle puppy out with a proper size ring and the best footing ever (going second to Tim B. is exactly like winning…trust me).

Mostly I'd like to admit, guilt is creeping up on me. You guys work harder than any club going and make it look so easy. You are my local club but I'm not a member because I want to show here…I mean, I REALLY want to show here…it's my favorite! So maybe you will accept a heartfelt THANK YOU for all you do to make MY favorite show fun for everyone. Each and every club member I saw was help-ful and nice and GRACIOUS and gracious is so rare it's noteworthy. Thank you all, again.

Judy Paris, The Poodle Club and the TFTs

Hi Dee, Jan, and Bo,

I want to congratulate you all on the wonderful job this weekend. We were delighted with the well-marked fire lanes. The EBTC was delighted with the ring setup and the abundant nearby space for exhibitor pop-ups. We had 30-40 people at our Saturday potluck and there was space for all. What a pleasure it was to set up and not be asked to move because we had intruded on the fire lanes and other clubs spaces. Thank you for a job well done.

Judy and Michael Marquardt EBTC [Evergreen Belgian Tervuren Club]

To the Rally table stewards and others that helped regarding your Rally Trial, I just wanted to congratulate all of you on a very smooth running show. I got my 1st leg of Rally Excellent so I have been to quite a few shows and I was impressed with the quick pace and the organization you all exhibited. With so many entries I know this was no easy task. So I wanted to give a holler out to all of you! WELL DONE! And a whole hearted Thank you :)

I have a utube video that I made, I hope you will watch it and read the credits.

Dear Bo, It was very nice getting to know you a bit last weekend, and I am very glad I was able to judge at Sammamish. I liked the atmosphere of the shows--a little less hectic and somewhat more sporting than many of today's highly competitive shows. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future.

Lydia [Judge Hutchinson - editor’s note]

To: Bo Gloster, Show Chair
From: Lee Whittier
Subject: Sammamish KC 8/24/08
Date: 8/26/08

Hi Bo,
All of the Clubs involved this weekend worked hard to make this a great success! It was a wonderful inaugural show for the Mt. Rainier Working Dog Club, and it appeared that you had many people contributing to the success of these events.

I wanted to let you know that I‟m here if you‟d like to discuss or review the issues that you have to resolve. I will assist you in any way that I can. Below is my contact information.

Once again, nice job!
Lee Whittier
802.369.0380 cell


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