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September 2011 Barker


This year I did the Specialty Clubs Co Ordination. A new role for me. So Friday and Saturday were my days. This is something Jan has done [very well, btw] each year. It was interesting to work with the Specialty Clubs scheduling which rings they would use, how many chairs and ta-bles they would need, and then the billing for the 2 days. The weather certainly cooperated with us for the weekend. Tho I’m certain that the exhibitors may have gotten tired of my warning them to “hydrate”. Friday was a busy day for our EMT answering calls for people that didn't take heed of the advice. It got to be a joke as I walked by, the toast of a bottle of water held high as they saw me coming. Saturday saw the calls to EMT lessened as people did take care to “water down”. My right hand man, Bryan Christy, Jan’s nephew he who takes care of all the details.! He is that man in the cart you see go by handling details big and small. Does your Club have the chairs and tables they ordered. Call Bryan! Do you need the garbage emptied? Call Bryan and he dispatches the crew to take care of it. He is the efficient “Go To Man” for the weekend.

The Sunday All Breed was shepherded by Jan with her innate ability to handle crisis's when Judging emergencies arise . Sick Judge? No problem, substitution made before the starting time!

A reminder for this coming meeting. We still have the Standing Rules hovering over our heads to approve. In case you have mislaid the copy that Geri sent out after the changes requested last meeting, check your INBOX to find the copy she sent out on June 21st. You might print it off and bring with you to the meeting. September is also the time to select a Nominating committee for next year. The rules read, a Board member plus 2 from the general membership to be on the committee. At the Picnic meeting there was a reading of some of the new amendments that the AKC Delegates will vote on at the September meeting, which meets the weekend after our Gen-eral Meeting. We assume that the Res. BIS is a given, but we should inform our Delegate on how we want him to vote. See you next Wednesday!

A big Congratulations to all our Group placers and BIS Border Terrier.

Rusty Kingery

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