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SKC Show Report

September 2011 Barker


From Jan the Show Chairman.

Well, made it through another challenge! Each year seems to bring something new and altho’ the weather cooperated this year, we had one judge who wasn’t feeling well and withdrew on Sunday morning plus another judge who twisted her knee badly on the flight to SeaTac and judged in pain all day. Both of them were real troopers and kept their sense of humor all day!! That must be really difficult to be ill, away from home and with the hurricane not even know if you CAN go home. Kudos to both Angela Porpora and Marcia Feld.
And a real thanks to Janice Pardue who stepped in to judge the non-sporting assignment of Angela.

I do want to thank our stellar cast of characters who also stepped up to fill in the hole left with the loss of one steward. Sandee Isaacson certainly had a learning curve Sunday with having to be so flexible and think on her feet. Thanks Sandee, now you’re Head Steward for August.

Beverly Little did the honors as Announcer and it was good to see her. She’s not been around much lately but looks as good & feisty as ever.

Patty Anderson sold our catalogues and paid the bills. Efficient as always! Plus worked hard in the setup and cleanup chores. Good friend and great member.

Doug Haldeman did his usual bang-up renditions of both the Canadian and US Anthems – I think we’re spoiled!

I also want to thank our hardworking club members who stewarded all day – Bo Gloster, Doug Haldeman, Geri Orta, Dee Smiley, Tonya Gisselberg, Barbara O’Neill, Nolan Rundquist, Nancy Warfield and Paul Blumenstetter, Michelle Brown whose husband Randy had his 1st yeaqr as Grounds Chair worked extremely hard Sunday for tear down.

Then there was our Obedience Chair, Dee Carlson who organized a very complicated three days and did it very smoothly.

Rusty Kingery was a first time Specialty Coordinator and learned a lot about how things work. I had a number of the Specialty Club chairs remark on how easy it was to work with Rusty as she is extremely organized. Husband and member David Kingery handled the infrastructure ordering – Canopies, Chairs, Tables, Portapotties, Dumpsters and of course, the Golf Carts. This is harder than many people realize as the needs of the Clubs change so many times prior to the day of the show.

The Kingery family was very well represented by daughter Barbara Underwood who was our chef for lunch with the assist of Jackie Blumenstetter. Barbara isn’t a member but certainly is a good friend of Sammamish Kennel Club and her meals always draw rave reviews from the judges and other officials. Brother Brian Kingery was 1/3 of our new parking team plus handled numerous EMT calls. Fortunately none of them were too bad. And the last Kingery on-site was Brian’s son, Kelson, who worked in the park-ing lot crew made up of his Lacrosse teammates. Our Grounds crew this year also received many accolades from the exhibitors.

And my family was represented by myself (who stressed enough for everyone all together) my absent husband who takes care of all the equipment and my nephew, Bryan who actually makes everything come together and run smoothly all weekend. Couldn’t/wouldn’t do this without him!

The Lynnwood High School Band members worked cheerfully all four days. I think it’s an honor to be able to assist some of the best kids in the area with financing their educations. Again, thanks to them AND their parents who came along and worked alongside their children.

If I have left anyone out, it certainly wasn’t on purpose, blame the old age and gray hair.

Thanks to all of you, we can’t do this without everyone’s help!


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