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September 2016 Barker


Sorry, I normally have pictures in this issue. Couldn’t believe that in my care of packing for my 4 day stay for the Show, I left my camera at home! When the pictures come in from the Pro photographers, I will run them in the next issue. In the meantime, the results are on page 4. We had 7 Specialty Clubs for the 2 days Friday and Saturday, and 2 additional for just Saturday. Saturday the total entry for the Clubs was 551. The biggest entry was for Golden Retrievers, with 203 and 196 Friday and Saturday. They also hosted Obedience Classes on both days.

This is the time of year we must do our nominations for officers and Board Members. The committee must be chosen this up coming meeting.

Our grounds need some work to smooth out the grounds where the rings are set. Mark has offered to truck in some dirt and sand mix, but we will take on the cost of the dirt and sand. It will be smoothed and graded and rolled. The hot summer last year and the early hot weather this year left uneven surfaces. This upgrade should solve the problem.

Upcoming activities on the Grounds. Drones will be there on Sept. 17th and 25th, Sundays. Weeknights still on Thursday evenings. They end their season by October 15th. Whippets Practice on the 17th. The Whippet Club is holding a Lure Trial on the 15th and 16th of October. Remember the meeting the 14th, 2nd Wednesday at Rose Hill Station #26, at 7PM


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