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Show Report

September 2016 Barker



Our 2016 August show was a success but we have some work to do for next year. The weather was great, only hot on the Friday specialty day, and very pleasant on Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t done the finances yet but I feel we did just fine! Thanks again to my wonderful Special Coordinator, Rusty Kingery.. Couldn’t have done it without her tireless assistance and don’t want to even try! Bo Gloster and Laura Young are appreciated as Ring Stewards with Sandee Isaacson heading the steward situation as Chief Ring Steward. She had to recruit additional stewards at the last minute and came through with flying colors.

Again thanks for Sandee and Rusty for joining me at the Saturday night get-together with a number of the judges for Sunday. It was a fun evening of dog talk and tall tales.

Flowers were beautiful…thanks to Jackie Blumenstetter.

And special thanks to hard working members, Madeleine Boucher and Roy Tellez. They worked overtime on the parking and vendor arrangements.

We were fortunate to have ex-member, Muriel Clifford, to supply day-of-show hospitality to judges and workers. She always does a great job.

Last but not least, Kudos to our grounds crew. Tony Kunz and his son Jordan and daughter Kasey, Carter Cushing, Alicia Bodner, Shea Price and a couple of others who helped. Plus of course, Bryan Christy who has done this so many times, he could do it in his sleep.

We couldn't have done the reserved grooming and power by ourselves, so a really big "THANK YOU' goes out to Ron and Sheila Colyer from the Golden Retriever club for organizing this, including the booster baths that made bathing so much easier.

For the rest of the membership, we missed you. But there’s always next year!

Chair: Jan Leikam

Thank you Jan. We rely on your experience to make a show go on! And coordinate all the working parts. R

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