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September 2017 Barker


Terri Erickson
August 27 at 8:47pm ·
Great job Sammamish KC! Super friendly show! Huge improvements to the rings, helpful kids on golf carts offering rides, equipment, and even garbage service. Thanks to Jan Leikam, Laura Pearson, Bo Gloster, Rusty Kingery, Roy and Madeline and all the other mem-

Helen W. Lee 100% agree! Really great rings; even the smaller one Sunday afternoon. Thanks to all for a great weekend.

Jeanette Dorsey Had such a good time! Great grounds and helpful people - I actually saw people relaxing and enjoying themselves at a dog show. Such awesome surroundings to impress out of town folks with and perfect weather. Nice weekend.

Alice Walls It was everything Terri Erickson said and more! Everyone was wonderful! Loved the venue! Weather was wonderful! Thank you Samammish KC for all your hard work!

Astrid Lawrence Yes the show was awesome the people were nice the new rings were flat, well manicured and easy to run on definitely will be back and encourage anybody else who was Discouraged in the past to give it a try again

Sandra Distefano Terri, thank you. I agree with everything you said. Thank you Sammamish Kennel club. We had a fun weekend.

Rowan Baggenstos I was going to write a post just like this!!! Great job Sammamish! The huge improvement to the grounds and the new area for the rings was awesome! It did not go unnoticed

Gail Roberts I really enjoyed that show last year and loved their show site. This year there was no obedience. Sounds like that will be offered again next year. Yippee.

Cindy L. Johnston-Bennett I agree ... everyone there was absolutely a pleasure to be around . The kids on the carts were wonderful and courteous, ring stewards always had a smile and were efficient, weather was beautiful and parking was easy! Thank you Sammamish Kennel Club!

Curtis Freeling I agree!!!! Very well run and friendly staff for sure.

Jill Roman So nice of you to give KUDOS where they are due!!! What a pretty setting!

Jeanette Dorsey I really thought it worked so well! And to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves was fantastic - as we chatted amongst each other this morning, it felt like the good old days of fun dog show in a beautiful setting. Manicured rings and friendly helpful people willing to take you anywhere in a golf cart!

Emily Kerridge Aww I missed out! I've heard from several people that it was a great show this year.

Patricia Wiseman You are so right- it was a wonderful show. The grounds were great this year and the SKC staff was so very helpful and friendly.

Rusty Kingery Thank you all so much for the kind remarks. We thank you all for coming!! It was a last minute venture this year.
JAN did a great job of putting it together! The club members all worked to make it a good experience for you as exhibitors.
Hope to see you all next year!!!

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