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September 2017 Barker


To those of you who stewarded, sold catalogs did hospitality, worked the grounds, worked parking [plan was excellent this year!] a big Great Job. To Sandee who set up the Stewards and was everywhere she was needed, to Jan for putting together a GREAT show after a 5 month wait to see if we would even have one. Again GREAT job. The Judges were great . How lucky we were to be able to get such good ones so late to the Show. I say Good Job all around! And a BIG Thank you!

Page 2 of this Barker tells you what the exhibitors thought of the Show! We got RAVE reviews!! Big thank you also to Brett Wilson for letting us use his grounds.

We meet next meeting on September 13th at Station 22 in Houghton. Our #26 is being used. 7 PM per usual.

Just so you can mark your calendars here are the rest of the years days and Stations.

  • October 11 [2nd Wednesday] Station #26
  • November 9, [A Thursday take note] at Station#26.
  • December we will have to decide where and what we want to do for a Xmas Party.

Jan has sent a request to Whidbey for next year’s shows. Keep fingers crossed we won’t have to go back and appeal again this time.
See you at Station 22, Sept 13th


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