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September 2003 Barker
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Meeting called to order by Vice- President Rusty Kingery at 7:30PM. Present were: Jan Leikam, Karin Cartwright, Patty Hull, Rusty Kingery, Reggie Gausman, Vandra Huber, Wendy Galbreath, Bo Gloster, Pat Wilaby, Muriel Clifford, Michael Krolewski



  -Jan Leikam read the minutes of the last meeting which were approved as read.

-Treasurer's report - August show projected income of $2500. Report approved.

-Dee is in Hawaii - No Pres. Report

-Corresponding Secretary - Report approved.

-Discussion of August show. Bo has requested that each Judges Hospitality Chair send separate invitations to each judge and club member for the Hospitality Suite on Saturday evening.

-It was decided that Pat Wilaby would send a letter to each specialty club asking for likes and dislikes about the past August show and requesting input which would make our show better.

-Patty Hull will send a letter to each of the vendors requesting suggestions from each to improve our show.

-Dee has requested that all members with comments about the show should send them in writing to her so that they can be addressed by next year's Show Committee

-August 2004 Show Chair: Bo Gloster elected,

-January 2005 Show Chair: Pat Wilaby, Chairman with Vandra Huber Co-chairman

-Judges' Selection Committee January 2005: Pat Wilaby, Vandra Huber, Muriel Clifford

-Judges Selection Committee August 2005: Bo Gloster, Reggie Gausman, Michael Krolewski

-Vandra Huber wanted to state the following to be included in the minutes of this meeting:
Vandra objects to the way in which judges have been selected by one or two people only, including issuing contracts. At the October meeting we will vote on the August 2004 judges slate. She states that the selection person chose a judge for August 2004 that is incompetent and the selection person is judging in that judge.s home area later this year.

-Nominations were taken for the AKC Delegate. Nominated were Bo Gloster and Jan Leikam. Vandra requested that each nominee submit a profile to the Barker outlining the nominee.s qualifications for this office. This position will be voted on at the October notified meeting.

-Rusty presented a recommendation from the Board to donate $400 to the Washington State Obedience Team which is competing in Southern California later this Fall at the Western International Obedience Team Competition. Dee is a member of this team and as Vandra stated that the club doesn.t know what we.ll get for our money, we should postpone making a decision about this donation until October when Dee will be available to answer questions.
It was also suggested that we run a .Meet the Member. feature in each issue of the Barker.

-Received were the resignations of Phil Sallee due to health and of Dodie and Hal Camacia who want to be free to show more often. The contributions of these members have greatly benefited our club and they will be missed.

-Meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM Respectfully submitted, Jan Leikam
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