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Summer 2004 Barker
Wags 'n Brags

From Pat Wilaby about the pewter
SAM medallion she won:




I have a great story about a little SAM my specials bitch won years ago. Ten years ago I specialed a litter sister to my old girl that I just lost, and she won a SAM for BOB. I was quite delighted with it as I'd never gotten anything like that before (just a bunch of medallions) and I kept it in my tack box for good luck.

She ended up in the top ten with a few group placements all won by yours truly on the end of the lead, before she got very sick. I lost her the following year and to this day, I have the SAM she won sitting along side all my other Springer keepsakes, including an embroidery of Gala her vet sewed for her. She was such a special dog to many people. I hope others will like their SAMs much in the same way I did!

Sammamish Kennel Club will conduct a CGC at Marymoor Park on Saturday, 21 August, from 9AM through noon in conjunction with the Specialty Shows scheduled that day. Please contact me if you can help evaluate the dogs and their handlers. We have done this for several years and it has always been a lot of fun, especially when the lawyers did not complain. If you are not an AKC approved CGC Evaluator, your assistance is still needed (we can train you!).

Thank you,

Dee Carlson, CGC Chair, SAM

Brag from Dee Carlson:
Dante got his first leg of his Open Title for both obedience and agility!

Want to suggest a judge?
Please email Jan, Dee, or Bo
with names!

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